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Portugal, a country with nearly 1,800 kilometers of coastline, attracts countless travelers to spend holidays here every year by virtue of its unique and rich cultural environment and natural scenery. The warm and pleasant climate also makes it a well-known health resort in the world.


On the southern outskirts of the city Leiria, rolling fields and scattered farmhouses provide a tranquil rural landscape, in which a shared new home is designed for the 60 elderly people.


Unlike the traditional congregating homes, the “Elderly Home” focuses more on the daily life of the aged, since the original neighborhoods and marketplaces are recreated as three-dimensional “streets” here. The building, according to the shape of the mountain, is divided into several parts, and the intersection of each part forms the courtyard of the neighborhood. Following the steps from the bottom of the mountain, the zigzag path subtly connects the garden, roof deck, courtyard and the building together.


The new building is divided into “living units” and “public units” according to their different functions. The living units on the upper floor provide good daylight and views. The continuous roof deck is the brightest activity place, for its versatile attribute meets the needs of different activities, which gives the elderly people the space to enjoy themselves to the greatest extent. The public units on the lower floor are arranged around outdoor courtyards of different elevations, bringing the natural environment into the interior as much as possible. According to the various attributes of the public space, the units are arranged along the mountain in turn: from the reception area and dining area on the first floor to the reading area on the B2 floor, letting the elderly not only feel lively but also enjoy serenity. The main structure of the building is made of red concrete, warm and intimate, which is a response to the regional architecture feature and also a bright light upon the lives of the elderly.


On a fine day, you can walk along the path between architecture and nature, or gather with a few friends chatting on the roof deck. Is it not delightful?

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