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Over the past 50 years, due to human activities, the oceans have been polluted, forests have been cut down, animal habitats have shrunk, and chemical weapons and nuclear weapons have continually affected the natural environment. These changes are beyond the changes that have accumulated over the past 10,000 years. Therefore, it can be said: the earth has entered a new geological age - Anthropocene. Human activities have completely changed the earth, not just the surface, even the geological age has changed. Therefore, the author wrote it in Anthropocene in the architecture “Human recognizes its impact not only on space of settlement but also on the scale of geological time.”

Superficially, human being continues to shape the general configuration of the earth’s surface, but the fact is that mankind is constantly seizing what it needs from the earth. The human uses the evolving scientific and technological means to acquire various materials from nature to meet the growing needs of human society. Focus on the current globalization, that’s a global transfer and transportation of materials.

Mankind, just like other animals, has also essential biological instinct-survival and propagation. In order to meet these instinct people use social activities - cooperation and struggle. Mankind will be unified through the religious, parties and the state to avoid the momentum of development scattered or offset each other. But in order to obtain more resources, different groups only through competition to meet their growing needs, resulting in a confrontation conflict.

Gaza, a modern enclave, due to ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, houses have been severely damaged and bared steel bar and concrete in whole city. Therefore Gaza is in dire need of materials for reconstruction, but actually Gaza is under siege by Israel through wall and wired fence. Gaza is like a prison, without any assistance people is helpless to survive in Gaza. The scene of walking people around ruins is a real portrayal in Gaza.

In this view, the building isn’t just an object, but a state of whole process. That is to say, the process is from the raw material through the artificial method to building itself, and in some cases, building comes back to ruin or nature. But in Gaza, those states are no longer the end of the process. Bombardment and blockade make people have to think about how to reuse these ruins. Then in this case, the reuse of building materials has become a major topic, but also a very special and unique way of construction in Gaza. It can be said that Gaza is in a state of circulation of material, architecture and ruin. So from the viewpoint of architect, the ruin isn’t the end, but the start. Above the ruins is the new building even the new city.

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