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I don’t divide architecture, landscape and gardening

to me they are one.

- Luis Barragan


Next to Nivola Museum, there is a hill, on which a neat patch of olive grove grows. The hill is dotted with several little rounded cabins, waiting for visitors to explore.

Along the winding path, visitors walk into the garden from the museum, and into the grove from the grassland, with a harmonious transition between artificial and natural elements here. The sinuous path, acting as a silent clue, connects the cabins with the art exhibition on the hill, which also brings visitors colorful sensual pleasure: the landscape of the grove and grassland, and the scenary of hills and villages.

The marble sculptures created by Nivola feature smoothy and warm sense of touch. Inspired by this, the building tenderly responds to all different elements on site. In virtue of the original natural conditions, the building rolls visitors up in itself, while the variable horizontal window also provide residents an unparalleled viewing experience. Removing the mould, the building appears in front of people like the sculptures from the hands of Nivola. Walk into it and touch the smoothy walls, you may find yourself in his artistic works.

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