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A derelict military facility, located at Lessini Nature Park in northern Italy, is about to take on a new look, providing stable data services and rich cultural life for the surrounding area.


The new building, following the original layout, sets up corresponding functions in accordance with different elevations. The data center is located underground for security reasons. The supporting offices and residences are built semi-underground, and the south-eastern opening not only offers abundant sunshine, but also brings the residents closer to nature. The community center, due to its openness, is set on the ground, and the horizontal roof and glass curtain wall surrounding the original structure endow the building with a very high degree of public characteristic.


The new building, taking the original structure as its core, expands outwards, which skillfully encloses the central activity space at the same time. The original roof of the fort is removed to form an open inner courtyard, and different types of stairs and ramps form the entrance space of the building.


From the grassland to the stone-covered roof, and to the solid concrete structure, different spaces are subtly transitioned here to maintain the most natural spatial environment with minimal intervention.


Born from the same logic, the three parts demonstrate diversified spatial attributes due to their different functional requirements, combining unity and diversity.

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